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Bill's Blog - From the Bandstand

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August 9 - Material Girls

Girls’ Night last Thursday night was a huge hit with Material Girls and More!!! Material Girls Cher, Madonna and Lady Gaga were joined by Shania and Blondie for an outstanding night of all girl live music presented by Sylvia Morris Century 21. On a night where weather threatened pre-show, the skies cleared and we got the full performance in. An evening where talented performers costumes could only be matched by a Victoria Secret’s promo!!! To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

August 2 - Johannes Linstead

Perennial favorite World Music chart topper Johannes Linstead performed on August 2 at his favorite outdoor venue to his favorite audience. The extremely talented guitarist and his band wowed one of our largest audiences ever with his brilliant fiery classical repertoire on a magical perfect summer evening. To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

July 26 - Soul Brothers

First timers the Soul Brothers treated another great audience to a thoroughly high energy, entertaining fun-filled performance on July 26. Brothers Jake and Elwood (and these guys really are brothers) had the audience hopping and participating in the Blues Brothers nostalgic live music on another perfect summer evening!!! To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

July 19 - Elton Rohn - David Conforti Night - Reach For the Stars

Wow!!!! What a magical night it was last Thursday night!!!! The largest audience ever. David Conforti Night presented by the Forrestall Group’s Catech Systems and People To Go included the presentation of the inaugural Reach For The Stars award to Katherine Gallagher recognizing the impact she has made in her community through volunteerism as an autistic individual. To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

July 19 - A Special Night

This Thursday night, July 19 is a special night. The Forrestall Group’s Catech Systems and PeopleToGo present Elton Rohn and his magnificent tribute to Elton John. Thursday night is also David Conforti Night, an evening dedicated to the life of David Conforti on a night that David’s favorite artist performs. To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

July 12 – Band on the Run

A perfect hot summer evening with a tribute to Sir Paul and an outstanding medley of solo, Wings and Beatles hits!!! Another jammed packed audience had a blast just Letting it Be!!! for the entire performance, many up dancing the whole night long. The Fred Varley road closure area was packed solid with McCartney fans. What a great night!!!! Special thanks to Celebrate Markham and Don De Los Santos for their commitment to our community live music program!!! To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

July 5 - Dreamer – The Supertramp Experience

Severe weather caught up to us this week. Tonight’s performance was presented by Minken Employment Lawyers. We got all set up and through sound check when a rain and lighting came. Once the cell passed and equipment was dry, we gave it a shot to give a hardy audience what they came out for. Dreamer was able to perform for about 40 minutes until rain and lightning struck again, unfortunately forcing us to shut down the performance for the evening. Ron and all, we are going to do our best to find a way to have Dreamer perform some time in August. Will keep all posted!!! To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

June 28 – Summer of 69

First timer Summer of 69 tribute to Canada’s own multi Juno and Grammy award winner Bryan Adams kicked off our nations birthday weekend with an outstanding Thursday Nights at the Bandstand performance. Straight from the Heart......I Do It for You.......Cut Like a Knife.....and more had another great packed audience on their feet with 3 special fans up on the stage belting it out on the mic with the band!!! Oh Canada!!!!!!! To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

June 21 – Beach Party Boys

Summer 2018 arrived Thursday night with the Beach Party Boys presented by Markville Chevrolet at the Millennium Bandstand. A brilliant summer evening with a jammed packed dancing audience as the band played hit after hit of the famous west coast surfer group. To Read More... Click on this Blog Entry Title

June 14, 2018 - Our 10th Season Kickoff – Bon Jovi Forever

We kicked off our 10th season of Thursday Nights at the Bandstand at Unionville Millennium Bandstand to a bit of suspect windy weather. Nothing to dampen our opening experience!!! Bon Jovi Forever, fresh off Bon Jovi’s 2018 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction first timer Bon Jovi Forever started our 10th season and 101st performance with outstanding classic rock from Bon Jovi!!! .To Read More... Click on this blog entry title